Journey from Intern to Project Officer

We are all unique in our own ways. Strength is a choice, it is what you want it to be. If we can see a problem from different angles, you will find an answer.

When I was in 8th standard, I wanted to be a businessman like my father. This led me to do a BBA and then an MSc. Management in Finance from a university in France. What I did not expect were the conversations about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in university. I realised it was something that I cared about and went on to write my thesis on the relationship between the financial performance of a company and its level of CSR activities.

After working for almost a year in the corporate world, I quit my job to find work in the development sector. It was something I was passionate about and I asked my friends to let me know of opportunities in this sector. I then heard about an internship opportunity from a friend through a LinkedIn post. It was an internship to work as a counsellor for VOICE 4 Girls’ Boys 4 Change program. I applied for it, excited about the opportunity.

During my internship training at VOICE, I fell in love with the content. We covered topics like breaking gender stereotypes and emotional health – topics I wish I had conversations about when I was an adolescent, which would have saved me years of feeling like I didn’t fit in. Even the method of teaching students through guided-discovery was something I loved. All these conversations helped me realise the problems with patriarchy and ways to fight them.

While the internship was a lot of work, it wasn’t the type that made me feel tired, the way my previous job had. My campers and I bonded a lot during the program and some of them even teared up on the last day. It was wonderful to know that I was able to help them; they still keep in touch with me. The internship was so impactful that I wanted to see if I could get an opportunity to work with VOICE full-time. That is how I transitioned from being an intern to a Project Officer at VOICE 4 Girls.

My work here so far has been completely different from my previous job as an equity analyst. I can already see an improvement in my communication skills. I hope to gain new perspectives and grow as an individual here while reaching out to as many campers as I can.

Author: The article has be penned by Abishek Mahendra Kumar, Project Officer and edited by Nanditha Ravindar, Content and Communications Officer

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