The Retreat Before GO-TIME!

Time does indeed have a way of soaring when you’re busy; it seems like yesterday that 2016 was drawing to a close and all of us were celebrating the success of VOICE’s winter camps.

Already, the warming weather heralds the fast approaching summer – the whiteboards here at VOICE all announce the run-up to summer camps. Over 12,000 girl campers to be reached over the months of April, May and June alone! Before we know it, camp fever will be upon us… what better time to head off someplace serene, quaint and away from all the hubbub and clatter to reflect upon what has been done and what lies ahead.

With this idea, the team put their heads and purses together – VOICE 4 Girls headed to Coorg for a three-day retreat, where nestled in the lap of the bountiful Western Ghats, the team led by Executive Director, Anusha Bharadwaj, discussed and planned for the year ahead; shared thoughts and ideas; converged and became one … one team; one vision; one unit! Of course, there was plenty of fun and relaxation too… tourist destinations, great food and of course, a surplus of photo-ops!

A few of these memories, we would like to share with you. Check them out!

(Psssstttt… VOICE 4 Girls is still looking for female college students to teach our wonderful adolescent girls at camp. To know more or apply to the 10-day paid internship program, visit our Facebook page!)

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