15 reasons that made 2015 unforgettable for VOICE!

  1. Counting down to 25,000 girls! 

    We reached out to more than 8000 girls  this year, doubling our reach from 2014! VOICE ran 10 camps through the year, breaking the winter camp/ summer camp model. This has brought us very close to reaching our first major milestone of 25,000 campers and we can’t wait!

    Winter Camp-4.jpg

  2.  Four new Books!

    We wrote four new exciting books this year! For the first time, Her VOICE Parichay and Her VOICE Disha curricula introduced campers to topics such as legal rights, gender, sexuality, sexual health and mental health. We also have two new spoken English programmes called Speak Up!

  3. First ever co-ed camp in Telangana! 

    We believe that investing in boys is critical to empowering girls. We took our forward our vision of working in more co-ed classrooms this year and conducted our first ever United VOICE Camp in Telangana! United VOICE is our co-educational gender awareness, future planning programme.

  4. Hill Camps in Adilabad, Paderu and Uttarakhand

    We travelled extensively this year, climbed mountains and navigated forests to take our camps to girls in remote corners of the country. We began the year with United VOICE camps in the mountains of Uttrakhand. Later, we took our programme to tribal girls in the remote hills of Vishakhapatnam and Adilabad.

  5. Our First Conference 


    VOICE advocates for public spaces where women and girls feel safe and included. We organised our first conference in December 2015 to discuss strategies and solutions to make Hyderabad a safer city. The conference marked UN’s ’16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence’ and the end of Project Unite, a three month long initiative to raise awareness about the issue among young women and adolescent girls in Hyderabad.

  6. First Volunteering trip

    We had 25 alumna from Dartmouth College, USA over for a one week volunteering trip in Hyderabad. They conducted sessions for VOICE Campers, visited NGO partners and spent a day at the VOICE office, brainstorming strategies to take VOICE to scale. They left us with valuable insights and exciting new ideas!

  7.  New Partners

    Happy Mother'sDay!
    2015 brought us many new partners who helped us take our programme to newer girls! We partnered with Unicef, the British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad, the Integrated Tribal Development Agencies of Paderu and Adilabad, and Invesco — our first ever corporate partner — to conduct programmes this year.

  8.  Worked with 300 college students! 

    We recruited and trained almost 300 college students in the city to conduct camps as camp counsellors. This has been the largest cohort of counsellors we have worked with in a single year. We are inspired by their dedication and involvement to the cause.

  9. Office trip to Hampi

    The VOICE team took a weekend off amidst the bustle of back-to-back camps and travelled to Hampi! Lazy evenings by the river, enormous dinners, lots of singing, dancing and merry-making — We had lots of fun!
    Winter Camp-6.jpg

  10. Celebrating Women’s March! 

    We celebrated Women’s Day with Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad and Moving Images Film Club to organise a screening of Nisha Pahuja’s documentary film ‘The World Before Her’. This was our first ever film screening and the world class theatre at the LV Prasad Film Labs made it an unforgettable experience!

  11. Fundraisers! 

    Lots of good people stepped forward this year to help us raise funds! Baking enthusiast Lakshmi Shankar, organised a bake sale at the Good Seeds Bazaar to raise funds for our next camp. City-based artistes and the folks at Roots Commune organised a cultural fundraiser. We thank them for their support!

  12. Photo and Art Exhibition

    We took some time out this year to showcase the work we do. We organised an exhibit of photographer Rohit Ranganathan’s pictures from VOICE Camps on Women’s Day.  We also organised exhibits of postcards and artworks by VOICE campers at the Social Welfare school in Isnapur. This exhibition was inaugurated by the Mr. Andrew McAllister, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Hyderabad.

  13. Pravalika goes to America! 

    G. Pravalika, a student of the social welfare residential school in Mahendra Hills got a scholarship from the US Consulate to study for a year in USA. The VOICE team worked with Pravalika to help her get the scholarship and prepare for her course. We are so proud of her achievements!
  14. New Strategy

    Till last year, girls used to attend just one VOICE Camp. We charted a new path for ourselves at the beginning of this year and henceforth all VOICE Campers will attend three different VOICE Camps through their adolescence. The campers love coming back and seeing them grow into confident young people makes us very happy!

  15.  Staying awesome through it all!  

    2015 was a crazy year but we survived it! Our small team of 10 people stayed awesome through all of the successes and disappointments that defined the year. VOICE couldn’t have done it without team members, past and present, who have been patient and persistent through it all. We owe you a big thank you!

Bring it on 2016! 

Happy New Year!