Making a World of Difference

Last week we said goodbye to one of our favorite temp employees, Kalyan Sen. Kalyan came to us through the Vodafone World of Difference Program, where Vodafone sponsors their own employees to put their jobs on hold and work for a non-profit for 7 weeks. This is an amazing opportunity for Vodafone employees to give back to the community in ways they might not usually have time for, and for non-profits to gain a an employee with a skillset that they might not usually have access to or money for.

We gave Kalyan a time-crunched but very essential task for VOICE. We’ve been asking ourselves a major question recently: how might we scale while maintaining quality control? We plan to reach thousands to tens of thousands more campers every year, but with such a small staff, how can we ensure camp is running smoothly? Right now, we train our counselors in person before every camp season, and monitor their performance and the camp operation directly through our field coordinators and program staff. As our number of campers grows, our number of counselors will too, meaning we’ll have less ability to be at every camp, checking in with every counselor, in person.

Kalyan tackled this problem head-on by developing a phone app that counselors and field coordinators can use to give basic feedback to VOICE staff at the end of every camp day. By dialing *121*1000# using a Vodafone SIM card, counselors will be taken through a series of questions that they can answer with a simple “1” or “2”. Questions cover basic camp operations and any problems that may have arisen: how many campers actually showed up today? Did any report abuse? Were there any problems with the school management? Did the girls absorb the material?


The answers to these questions are instantly logged in an online spreadsheet, where we can flag any problematic answers and follow up with counselors accordingly. This app will allow us to keep our camps running smoothly with our growing numbers – a very exciting breakthrough for VOICE!


Thanks for your incredible work, Kalyan. And thanks to Vodafone for lending him to us!

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