The Week That Was…


VOICE 2012…  This year it just got Bigger Better and Boundless ..I am so gratified and excited to be a part of camp again this year…  Last year I was a counsellor and this year Field Coordinator.. It means more schools more girls and more awesome-ness !
VOICE is making an impact all over the city .. Changing life’s… Making a difference.. And being a part of  VOICE is simply an Honour ..

Its so amazing how much you can reach out to so many tiny lives in such a little time ..

Day 1… All the girls were super excited to be a part of camp.. Not quite sure what is it all about.. When asked what they were expecting out of camp, the girls replied “to have lots of Masti (fun) and learn at the same time”.
“The girls were very nervous the first day, as the days are passing by I can see them slowly trying to open up “, said Maria, Counsellor of Little Century High School.

The girls had their Pre Camp written, oral and impact assessments taken on the first day .. The first two days was the orientation just to get the girls to know each other and the camp .. They did lots of fun activities and the counsellors got few girls to open up ..
“Camp is so amazing..I am really impressed with the camper’s creativity .. It is just the first step and I can already see the girls improving..”, said Neha , Counsellor of M A Ideal High School..

The girls were super excited to make their very own Girl Code.. they came up with rules which even we couldn’t think of .. for instance ‘having limitless fun is compulsory’ ..

From the third day the camp picked up with the curriculum.. this week was all about food and many fun facts and fun activities..
One activity which was the highlight of the week was the Food plate.. the girls had to divide their plates with all the nutrition they should get out of food .. the girls amazed us by showing tremendous amount of creativity..

Camp is not only a learning medium for the girls .. it’s also a source of knowledge for everyone associated with it .. “I’m really enjoying this camp along with the students..I’m also learning so much .. there were so many facts about nutrition that were new to me too .. thanks to camp I am well aware now” ,said Sadiya, Teacher of M A Ideal High School

the best part about camp is it does not have a one dimensional outcome .. along with the campers the teachers the counsellors and also we, the field coordinators, are learning something everyday …

 “Camp is very entertaining and exciting.. it is an opportunity to learn as well as to teach .. The girls are so enthusiastic and open to learning as much as we can offer them!” – Ruchi Counsellor, Ushodaya High School

“I lacked confidence in myself before I entered the camp.. after joining camp I am not scared of talking to new people … I feel so confident now!”-Amina , Teacher of Little Century High School

all it takes is to know that you are not out there all alone.. there are so many more just like you .. the first step is always the difficult one!

“the first day of training I  was clueless what the camp was about .. I had the least idea it’s going to be so much fun.. few girls including me face so many problems and it’s so hard to share them .. camp helps in breaking all the barriers and opening up” – Fouzia, Teacher of  M A Ideal High School


VOICE curriculum is well balanced with the right amount of fun, activities and learning .. managing to capture the girl’s interest throughout the day..
“campers are enjoying a lot, showing so much creativity and learning communication skills.. they are so excited to do the activities and curious to learn more” – Shakera, Teacher Ushodaya High School

The week ended with a Bang! Saturday was family day, the girls had to cook a dish along with their mothers and talk about how they prepared it ..The potluck was a huge success .. the girls presented their dishes and spoke about nutrition values .. everyone was super excited to flaunt their self cooked dishes ..

“I am having so much fun here.. the girls are sooo energetic and so excited all the time .. I was always a shy student .. the last bencher of the class.. now thanks to VOICE .. I am able to speak up and teach these young girls do the same” – Deepthi , Counsellor M A Ideal High School

With just one week down .. so much happening already .. looking forward to the next week .. double the dosage of fun and learning ..

VOICE .. Let’s make it Big!

Field Coordinator, VOICE