Organization Spotlight: Global Girl Media

 A few weeks back we had the lovely opportunity to interview Annie Williams of Global Girl Media.  GlobalGirl Media, headquartered in Los Angeles,  is dedicated to empowering high school age girls from under-served communities through media, leadership and journalistic training to have a voice in the global media universe and their own futures. Their work is spreading across the globe and VOICE looks up to and forward thanks to foundations organizations like GGM have laid. 

Can you include a short personal bio?

Amie Williams, Executive Director and Co-Founder of GlobalGirl Media is an award winning producer/director specializing in film and video for NGO and international development organizations.

What problem are you solving?

GlobalGirl Media grew out of a coalition of women broadcasters and journalists from around the world who recognized that mainstream reporting too often focuses on flash points of violence, celebrity or disaster, while the everyday experience and voice of the invisible majority, particularly young women, passes silently under the radar. With the explosion of social media networking and user-generated content on the web, the fact remains that this media is only open to those who have access to these technologies, leaving many youth, especially young girls in at-risk or impoverished communities, falling hard into the digital divide.  We seek to address this disparity by supplying the equipment, education and support necessary to help young women become digital and blog journalists, bringing their own unique perspective to the global web.

What is one piece of advice you would like to offer someone doing similar work?

For anyone woman interested in working in Media, my advice would be to not be afraid to use your voice!  We so desperately need more women to voice their opinions and share their unique perspectives.

What is an experience you’ve had that has made you stay motivated in the work you’re doing?

Every day spent working with girls in LA, Morocco, and South Africa has been inspirational.  But most recently, in Morocco, GlobalGirl reporters covered the National Parliamentary elections in November, 2011. Reforms to Morocco’s Constitution increased political participation of women by setting aside 60 national seats for women. Watching young Moroccan GlobalGirl Reporters take an active interest in reporting on the value of women in government was extremely moving, especially in light of the present national elections in the United States.

How can people join you in what you’re doing?

There are many ways for you to become an active part of GlobalGirl Media.  If you’re a girl interested in social justice, women’s rights, storytelling, film, or journalism and you want to share your unique voice and perspective, we encourage you to write and report by whatever means you can.  If you live in one of the cities where we currently  hold media training (Los Angeles, CA, USA; Soweto, South Africa; Rabat, Morocco) we’d love for you to get in touch with us!  Also, stay tuned because we’re expanding to other cities around the world.  You can support us by donating through our website at and by sharing our stories with your friends.

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