VOICE Welcomes Our New Executive Director Pradeep Narayanan

This past month has been grueling! Whew!

There are about 500 things to make decisions on and do just in preparation for summer camp, and while our team has been awesome in getting things done and sharing their great ideas, ultimately our bandwidth has been stretched to the max, particularly on the upper management side.

While Voice founders were back in NYC in November, rallying support and advice for our next steps, our key supporters strongly suggested that we appoint an executive director. After much discussion, we decided the best thing would be to bring in a new person that could offer more experience and deeper ties into India, to enhance our vision and planning for the future.

We put out job postings and interviewed quite a few number of people, each with different strengths and weaknesses. We were really looking for someone that would be excited by the challenges of a startup, eager and knowledgable to manage large scaling goals, and someone that was comfortable building partnerships to raise financial and managerial support within India.

One man that we interviewed stood out from the very first conversation. Even in this preliminary interview, he spoke clearly and thoughtfully, with a mind to the challenges but a optimistic outlook on bringing our organization there.

I passed him through to Averil, who called me immediately after she spoke to him, as thrilled as I was with his extensive 19 years of past experience and down to earth attitude. As we spoke to him further, and had our sponsors at Gray Matters Capital do a final interview, we really were getting a sense that he was going to fit right in with our Voice 4 Girls team.

We sealed the deal last week, when he came into Hyderabad for a short 2 day visit. Over lunches and dinners we all got to know each other and share the key areas of focus that need more attention.

We are absolutely thrilled with our decision and so excited to introduce Pradeep Narayanan to our followers out there.

Please give him warm wishes while he and his family settle down in Hyderabad in the next couple of weeks and he dives on-board.

Stay tuned for posts from him!

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