Three Amazing Days of Insanity

An elevator button in the New Yorker hotel.

By Kashay Sanders, VOICE 4 Girls Program Development Assistant 

Last week, we conducted interviews for counselors at Shadan Engineering College for Women for three days.

Shadan is by far our most enthusiastic recruitment site, given that the majority of our camp counselors from last year were from this very school and they have spent the last year telling all of their friends about camp.

I painstakingly organized the interviews, set up time slots, sent reminder emails and a location. We got there, day one went smoothly, and then the reports from former counselors came in. 

“Oh, my friend never got to submit her application!”

“She missed her interview and now she’s crying!”

“Oh, the girls in the CSE department didn’t send you their emails, PLEASE give them one more day to apply!”

So much for organization. Over the next two nights, my inbox exploded with applications and I was left with no idea of how they were going to fit into the next two days of interviews! A win for VOICE, a logistical nightmare.

So our new Logistics Manager, Valli, and I called in reinforcements (i.e. Averil, the co-founder of VOICE), to do interviews.

And, at the end of the day, no one got turned away from an interview.

It was three days of insanity, but also one of inspiration.

Hearing the stories of triumph from these college women was simply amazing.  Some who ranked first in their class, some who are the only women in their communities which attend school, and also some with progressive families who are invested in social work, and organized film festivals and blood drives.

This amazing social fabric of women will make incredible role models for our girls this summer.

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