From the VOICE Interns: A Bright Idea

Any Guesses?

By Kiera Murphy , Hyderabad Central University Student, VOICE 4 Girls Intern

It’s been a busy month in terms of life as an intern.

Between traveling to the beach in Goa, to it being wedding season here in Hyderabad, and working on a new way for Voice 4 Girls to give our supporters back home a chance to give to Camp Voice it’s been nuts!

The idea sprouted from my past experience with summer camps back home where campers could apply for scholarships to go to camp. So why not have a system where people could donate to Camp VOICE by providing scholarships for girls here in India?

So CAMPERSHIPS were born!

Camperships gives the opportunity to individuals or groups to give or raise money in order to provide a scholarship to either an individual camper, a group of campers, or to a whole school to run Camp Voice. Camperships will be launched on our new website,, by the end of this month in order to raise not only money but awareness for girls in India.

So stay tuned! I just can’t wait for my idea to come to life!

I think it’s really important to get our friends, family and fellow Americans involved in what we’re trying to do here in India for female empowerment. By donating to Camperships you are essentially voicing the importance of our mission as a non-profit. Camperships range in prices from $20 to sponsor one girl to go to camp to $1000 to sponsor a whole school to host camp!

It’s a great opportunity to see where you’re money goes when you’ll receive letters and pictures in the mail of the girl, or girls, you benefit!

For the bigger camperships I would highly encourage fundraising! I’m a Girl Scout and I’m involved in various clubs and teams at my University back home and I know that I could easily raise a lot of money with the help of my friends and peers!

You could bring together your community, school, university, church, sports team, sorority, fraternity, Girl or Boy Scout Troop, or any other social circle you may be a part of to raise money to benefit as many girls as you can!

I really do hope that camperships will make it possible for more and more girls to go to camp! I also think that by getting more people involved back in the states we can raise more awareness about the obstacles girls face here in India!

I love working with the fundraising, communications and marketing aspects of Voice 4 Girls! I think I’ve found a new “nitch” and it’s making me think a lot about my future plans.

I’m sad that my time here in India is coming to a close.

However, I’m so excited to get back home and really promote Voice 4 Girls and do some fundraising myself! For more information about how you can be a part of VOICE check out the WEBSITE! 

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