From the Founders: Influential VOICES of 2012


We were recently asked by some of our 5 for Fairness Team Members  who VOICE ‘s influential supporters are and why? 

Over the past year we have received support and advice from various individuals and institutions. While the girls and the school owners have given us some incredible feedback on the structure of the program and types of activities they want to see more of, still our largest and most influential supporter in every sense has been the Nike Girl Effect Campaign.

They took a gamble on the three of us, and gave us funds to support our entire pilot, and from the day of entering that partnership, they have also continuously pushed us to think bigger and push harder.

Back in November, we had the opportunity to sit down for a days long meeting and brainstorm with our Nike representative as well as some other highly experienced social enterprise professionals, and those conversations completely shifted the way I was thinking about business operations and expansion.

Nike pushed us to think about a model that could reach a million girls, and got us to start thinking about what we can do outside of summer camps.

They also prompted us to start thinking about the impacts outside of the change in campers, and we’ve come to really think about our impact in terms of teacher and counselor improvement.

Right now, VOICE is really in transition from a project to an organization, and we could never be where we are at without the inspiration and encouragement of Girl Effect and our other amazing supporters!


Allison Gross

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