Ayesha’s Story – Stories from the Field

By: Averil Spencer

Ayesha was a VOICE camper last summer and is a currently in 9th Class at Lohia’s Little Angels High School.  She walks to and from school, and everyday on her way home everyday she gets harassed on the street by a man asking her to come home with him.  She had never looked at him, responded, or reacted to his harassment in any way.  She dreaded having to walk home alone and was always scared of what he might do.  Then in camp Ayesha’s counselors told her about similar experiences they and other women they knew had gone through.  Ayesha learned how they had reacted and even discussed her situation with everyone in camp and brainstormed ways to combat her fear.  She realized she was not the only one in her class who was scared of such men on the street.  One day on her way home from camp the man started to harass her like always.  This time Ayesha whipped around and told him sternly that she would never go home with him! The man was so surprised that he left her alone.

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