Adiba’s Story – Stories from the Field


My Experiences in Camp
By: Adiba Fatima (VOICE Counselor at Mohammed Memorial School)

Counselor Adiba helps campers at Mohammed Memorial High School with an activity


It was the first day at camp where everything seemed new to the girls.  Friends holding hands and the shy ones hiding behind them. The girls were confused.What was the camp all about?

As days passed by we taught them how to smile, share their feelings, love and made them realize their own importance and  proud they should be to be a girl.  The girls learned to trust.

It was a dream come true when they visited multinational companies, were inspired by woman police officers, and met doctors. The best moments of camp was seeing girls in VOICE camp t-shirts as they explored uncharted territory, learning lessons they will never forget.

A few days before the end of camp I saw many girls budding with their new talents and breaking out of the shells where society, family and all the superiors fears had held them. The last day of camp was a moment of my life…the small, little, shy girls were no more the same people I had met four weeks earlier….they performed in front of 1,000 people and had tears of joy to leave the camp and their counselors!!

I was, I am, and I will always be grateful to be given such an opportunity to be a part of VOICE!

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